Herb Gray

Class of 1983

Herb Gray came to Canada after a successful amateur career at the University of Texas.

Gray was the defensive captain for nine of his ten years with the Bombers, and his “never say die” attitude made him the heart and soul of the defensive squad. In 1960 he was selected as the Outstanding Lineman in the league. He was the very first defensive player to win this honour.

Herb Gray appeared in six Grey Cup games, four of them winners. He was named the Winnipeg Defensive Player of the Half Century.

Playing Career

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1956 - 1965


  • All-Western Defensive End
    1957 - 1962
  • All-Western Offensive Guard
  • All-Canadian Defensive End
  • Schenley Award for Most Outstanding Lineman
  • Dr. Bert OJA Award for Most Valuable Bomber Lineman
  • Grey Cup Participation
    1957 - 1962, 1965
  • Grey Cup Winnipeg Teams
    1958, 1959, 1961, 1962