Ron Atchison

Class of 1978

Throughout his career, Ron Atchison was known for his toughness and durability. During his 17-year career with the Roughriders, he played Offensive Centre, Defensive Middle Guard, and Defensive Tackle.

Ron “Atch” Atchison was described by a western reporter who wrote, “In combat he is fierce, aggressive, and ruthless. When the heat of battle has died away he is warm, friendly, articulate companion.”

Ron Atchison is a member of the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame.

Playing Career

Saskatchewan Roughriders
1952 - 1968


  • All-Western Middle Guard
    1956, 1960 - 1963
  • All-Western Defensive Tackle
  • Stack Tibbits Award (Most Valuable Canadian)
    1963, 1964
  • Grey Cup Participation
    1966, 1967
  • Grey Cup Winning Teams