Don McNaughton

Class of 1994

The Schenley Football Awards, presented at both the professional and amateur levels, symbolized excellence in football from 1953 until 1988. Don McNaughton, a Montreal native, joined Canadian Schenley Distilleries in 1963 as director of advertising. This position included the duties of Awards Coordinator for the Schenley Football Awards.

In 1969 McNaughton became President of Schenley Canada Inc., was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 1972, and became chairman in 1986. While serving in these capacities, he met annually with the board of trustees and the awards coodinator to discuss policy and finance, and to ensure the continued growth of the awards.

McNaughton devoted considerable time to the awards, travelling across the country to discuss the concept with knowledgeable football people. He increased the involvement and duties of the board of trustees and set guidelines for the continuing improvement of the entire awards procedure.

From 1969 through 1988 Don McNaughton presented the Most Outstanding Player Award to the CFL’s finest participant, and he is respected nationally for his hard work and devotion to the Schenley Football Awards.